How long is a quote valid for?

All quotes are valid until the end of the month you receive your quote.

When will I get my documents?

Once your policy has gone on cover we will send your documents out within 24 hours. If you do not receive your documents via email or post please let us know.

Can I pay for my insurance monthly?

Yes, we have a range of payment options available. Our advisers will talk you through the options when you get a quote.

I have employees; do i need to cover them?

Yes. If you have any employees it is a legal requirement for you to cover them correctly with an Employer's Liability policy. If you don't you could be personally liable to pay for their medical treatment and time off work if they are injured at work.

What is an ERN and why do you need it?

Businesses that pay any employee above the PAYE threshold are required to have an Employer Reference Number which is the reference number for employees' income tax and national insurance contributions.
The ERN is printed or written on mandatory documents such as the P45, P60, P11/D, and on most payslips.

If you purchase a policy with us which includes Employers Liability we are required to provide your ERN to the Employers Liability Tracing office (ELTO) who will add it to their database. This will assist anyone who has suffered an injury or illness as a result of their employment by identifying the insurer providing the cover and the employees periods of employment.

Do I need to cover my subcontractors?

It depends what work they will be doing. If you have employed subcontractors to do the same work as you then they must be covered under your employer's liability insurance. If you have employed subcontractors to perform work outside of the work you are doing then these are known as 'Bona Fide' subcontractors and must have their own insurance.

Am I restricted on how high I can work?

No, however you must advise the sales agent of the heights you are most likely to be working.

Can I get cover for heat work?

Yes, however you must advise the sales agent of the percentage of heat work performed.

I have multiple trades; can you cover me?

Please disclose all trades to our advisers and they will provide a policy to suit your needs.

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