Why should I change broker?

Sometimes brokers can become complacent with the policies being renewed year on year without reviewing the cover or premium. Our fresh approach allows us to highlight gaps in cover and tailor the programme around your requirements which can result in substantial savings.

When can I change my broker?

AYou can change brokers at any time of the insurance year, although you are likely to remain with the same insurers until at least renewal.

I don't understand my documents what do I do?

We take the time to discuss the insurance policy that we arrange on your behalf and this is reflected in the policy documentation. Your allocated team will be available to discuss any queries you have and clarify the cover that has been arranged.

My clients want proof of cover, what do I do?

Insurer policy documentation is produced within timescales to meet FSA Contract Certainty requirements. In addition our comprehensive risk registers provide a summary of the policies arranged on your behalf and can be provided to customers as evidence of cover.

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