When will I get my documents?

You will receive your policy documents (upon receipt of the requested items) within 24-48 hours by email and within 7-10 working days if posted. If you do not receive your documents via email or post please let us know.

Where is my cover note?

As soon as your policy is set up, we will send the cover note/certificate out to you by your preferred method (email or post). If you need a cover note immediately, you can request for the cover note/certificate to be emailed or faxed to you straight away. *Full policy documents will not be released, until receipt of all the requested items has been confirmed.

What is the breakdown phone number?

Please refer to your policy documents, for the breakdown assistance number.

Can I change my vehicle if I need too?

Yes, just give us a call with the details. It's important to remember that depending on the vehicle, your premium may be adjusted and an administration charge may apply. No cover will be issued until you have spoken to one of our advisors.

When is my renewal?

Your renewal will be due 12 months from the start date of your policy (unless you have arranged a short-term policy). Your start and renewal date will be provided on your insurance documents. We will contact you when your policy is coming to an end to arrange appropriate cover for next year.

Can I pay for my insurance monthly?

Yes, we have a range of payment options available. Our advisers will talk you through the options when you get a quote.

What is the difference between Private Car insurance and Business Car insurance?

A standard Private Car insurance policy covers your car for so-called social, domestic and pleasure use, which includes everyday driving such as visiting friends, the shops or a day out. You can also be covered for commuting to a single place of regular work.

Business Car insurance will be required if you drive to several different places of work, conduct visits to clients or other branch offices regularly or maybe you drive hundreds of miles a week for business purposes.

Can I cover more than one vehicle on a Business Car policy?

Yes you can as One Insurance Solution can offer cover for 2 to 15 vehicles on one policy. This can often work out to be cheaper than insuring the vehicles individually.

Why are Business Car policies more expensive than Private Car policies?

Business Car insurance is typically more expensive than standard cover because it is more risky to cover a company and its staff who drive a vehicle for business. The staff will usually cover more miles, sometimes in heavy traffic and on unfamiliar roads. Therefore, the chance of a claim increases.

Can I transfer my no claims bonus from my own name into a company name?

Yes you can if you are the company director but if you cancel the policy the no claims bonus will be then sent out in the company name.

Can you protect a no claims bonus on a company vehicle?

This will depend on who the risk is placed with, as each insurer has different guidelines.

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